Jillian Luxe Cake Design



I am a devoted wife and homeschooling mom of three that, by the grace of God, has found her passion in Cake Design.

As a teenager, I attended a Technical High School, where I became certified in Cosmetology. I went on to Morgan State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. I’ve worked in retail, specialized in customer service, considered going into Psychology, into ghost-writing and even at trying my hand in jewelry design. Needless to say, it’s taken me years to figure out which profession was worth pursuing and persevering in.

Ironically, Cake Design was never a consideration, but rather fell into my lap. In 2012, I resolved to open a bakery for my mother-in-law, where she could sell her AMAZING Red Velvet cakes. Determined, I began procuring orders for her, but not too much later, she could no longer bake, as she was unknowingly entering her final stages of battling Lymphoma. She passed away in August of 2013, which left our family devastated.

In January 2014 I mentioned to my husband, that we should move forward with opening a bakery in her honor. He agreed. By February of 2014, I quit my job, and was enrolled in Culinary School. The following May, I had created my first, ever, fondant cake. That began my journey into the career that I now love – into a passion I never knew I had, that I refuse to take for granted!