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A minimum of 3 weeks advance notice is required for all Celebration Cake orders/ 4 weeks’ notice for Wedding Cake orders. It is strongly advised that Wedding Cake orders be placed at least 3-6 months in advance.

All inquiries must be made online via the Contact Me page. Within 4-5 business days, you will receive a quote. Should you agree to move forward with one of the options given, you will then receive your Contract via email. After the contract is signed, you’ll receive the invoice for your order, where you can make your deposit.

Cake design, size and flavor changes may be made up to 30 days prior to the event date for Wedding Cakes (7 days for Celebration Cake/Dessert orders). However, change requests cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges.  For further details, please see the “Design” section of the Terms & Conditions on the Resources page.


Deposits must be made as soon as possible, to book your order and reserve your date. The remaining balance must be paid 7 days prior to your event date, for all orders.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is needed to book your order. Orders above $600, placed 4+ months in advance, can opt to pay a 35% non-refundable deposit and break up the remaining balance into monthly installments. All balances must be paid in full 7 days prior to your event date.


I specialize in designing custom cakes, specially tailored to each client, and do not duplicate other cake artist’s work. I understand that there are popular design elements that you may want to incorporate into your cake design, and can accommodate your request, regarding those particular elements. However, I do not guarantee an exact replication as shown in the images you provide, as my method of execution may vary from other cake artists.

As business demands grow, I’m no longer afforded the time needed to provide
a sketch for each client. In instances when I must use a visual to plan the
design, I can certainly send you the image I’ve created.

Yes. There are actually cases where dummy cakes are a better option. However, it must accompany a kitchen cake and may not differ hugely in price, as cost of cakes are largely due to their intricacy of detail and the materials needed to execute the design.


Shipping is not available for Custom Cake orders, but will be available for certain desserts, during holiday sales.

All orders are considered pick-up, unless the cake size/design require delivery and set-up. Delivery can specifically be requested, but is based on availability. All deliveries have a minimum fee of $65, and increase depending on the amount of time required to complete your delivery and set-up.

Cakes MUST be stored on a flat surface during transport.  It is highly recommended that they be placed either in your trunk, nestled between 2 other items, or on the floor of the front-passenger side.  PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY and turn corners very SLOWLY!  Don’t give me high blood pressure people – please!  Should you choose to transport the cake on the backseat, please have someone to hold the cake in place, while you drive.


Check out the Resources page to view and print the Cake Cutting Guide and Cake Cutting Instructions. If you are ordering a 3D cake design, and need assistance on how to cut, you may request email instructions in advance.

During warmer months, cakes MUST be kept refrigerated until about 30-45 minutes prior to cutting.  Fondant cakes can usually be refrigerated if your setting is at about 4 or 5, as the humidity is lower at these temps.


Absolutely! However, cupcakes are sold one flavor per dozen, unless otherwise advised during a sale.

Currently, I do not, but intend to offer them in the future. In the meantime, I do not decorate pre-made rum cakes, purchased by customers, as a certain amount of cake is required to achieve the height and general look of the designs I create. It would be unwise to rely on another baker to provide the foundation of your cake, and possibly compromise the end result.


While we do not have an allergen-free facility, we do offer nut-free products, and ensure that they are properly prepared away from any and all nuts and products containing nuts. Be sure to advise of nut allergies at the time your order is placed, to ensure that proper precautions are taken.

Currently, I do not.  However, if you check out my Resources page, I’ve recommended a baker that can assist you!

Unfortunately, I do not provide these products at this time.


Currently, I am not conducting cake tastings or consultations. However, I will be holding a sale for Tasting Boxes. Please follow me on social media or subscribe to my mailing list for updates.


Please see the Cancellation section of our Terms & Conditions on the Resources page.

Thank you for choosing Jillian, Luxe Cake Design!